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Mailing Lists and Data
Are you making the most of your mailing lists, or are you just going through the motions? The point is, if you’re not looking at your lists strategically, you’re just wasting money. I don’t want you to spend a penny more than you need to on postage, so I have 5 clever direct mail data tricks to get you started. You can also download my FREE tip sheet “Getting the Most out of Your Mailing... Read More
Resources and Training
Do you, your clients or your employees need some foundation knowledge or a refresher course on direct marketing strategies? Or, are you looking to enhance your skills and add some new credentials to your LinkedIn profile? Either way, there are great direct mail training courses for everyone, in every budget category. Check out these courses: The shortcut to how mail works:Direct Mail... Read More
Mail and Sustainability
I’m on the road a lot these days, giving presentations about the power of mail, and marketing strategies. I have found that many of the younger people in the audience (primarily Millennials and younger Gen Xers) tend to feel very guilty about printing. They seem to be fighting an internal struggle to determine what is more important—the environment, or making a sale. After all, they’ve grown up... Read More