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Get Up to Speed (Fast!) with Direct Mail Training Courses

By: Trish Witkowski

Do you, your clients or your employees need some foundation knowledge or a refresher course on direct marketing strategies? Or, are you looking to enhance your skills and add some new credentials to your LinkedIn profile? Either way, there are great direct mail training courses for everyone, in every budget category. Check out these courses:


The shortcut to how mail works:

Direct Mail Training on

These courses are mine, actually, and they were developed to make it easy to get a solid understanding of how mail works, providing simple strategies and guidelines for success with mail. The format is great, because all of the courses are created as a series of short videos. So, if you just want to learn about “The 40/40/20 Rule” or direct mail list sources, you can pop in for a quick lesson and get on with your day. memberships are priced from $29.99 per month for full access to all 4,600+ courses. They also offer a free trial period. Preview my courses now:

Direct Mail Strategy

Print Production Essentials: Direct Mail


In-person training for marketing professionals:

Direct Marketing Institute with DCMP Certification 

This three-day course is an on-site in-person intensive training session taught by seasoned direct marketing pros Ashleigh Sawdon and Beth Smith. The course is part of the DMA’s Certified Marketing Professional program (DCMP). With a DMA certification you can achieve a new marketing status, and recognition as an elite marketer. The course is taught  in NYC, and it’s not inexpensive—you’re looking at $2,600-2,900+ travel, but depending upon your career goals (and your training budget), it could be well worth the investment and a lot of fun to attend.


Online training for the entire mail supply chain: 

Idealliance Mail Professional Certification

Presented by the leading certifier of skills in the graphics communications supply chain, Idealliance, the MailPro Certification course includes 21 lessons covered in 14+ hours of interactive video tutorials. The course is designed for all stakeholders in the mail supply chain – production professionals, CSRs, sales, marketing, design, IT and business managers. Upon successful completion of the MailPro course exams, participants will become Certified MailPros. At a an exceedingly fair $215-295 price point, and with an impressive list of instructors and contributors, this course is guaranteed to be highly beneficial to anyone who completes it. 


USPS training for mailing industry professionals:

USPS Business Mail Training

Last but not least, there are a few different training programs offered through the USPS. The Mail Design Professional (MDP) 12-hour online program teaches mailing industry professionals how to design mail to enhance its compatibility with USPS automated equipment. It also coaches mailers on how to achieve lower postage prices through automation. The training course if free, however the test to achieve your certification has a $90 fee. 

There is also a program to become a Certified Direct Mail Professional (CDMP). Recently, this training program has been offered as an in-person workshop at the National Postal Forum for a $150 fee.

Are there any courses we’re missing? Please let us know if there are other great professional mail training courses to add to our list!