Macromark, Inc.

Danbury, CT | US United States

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Lists and Data
  • List Acquisition


Company Headquarters
39 Old Ridgebury Rd. Suite C3
Danbury, CT 06810
United States
Macromark is a leading, highly reputable and progressive acquisition, retention and monetization media company.
Don’t fall for gimmicks for free names or “do it yourself” list searches. The mailing list is the most important part of a direct mail program. We specialize in providing our clients with targeted and relevant consumer and/or business lists that produce the best possible results. There are over 70,000 lists on the market for a reason, don’t get sold into garbage lists. Macromark prides itself on providing exemplary customer service and working tirelessly with each client to obtain a deep understanding of their data, customers, markets and goals. List management and brokerage objectives are clear and unwavering: to broaden list usage and maximize revenue, and acquire new customers for our clients at the lowest possible cost. We offer targeted business leads as well as targeted consumer leads. The Print Media Division provides a comprehensive and full-service print marketing solution, including creative development, professional copywriting and media buying, allowing clients to quickly launch effective space advertising campaigns.
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