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Company Headquarters
6309 Monarch Park Place
Niwot, CO 80503
United States
With the nation's largest database of consumer transactions, we deliver actionable insights and proprietary modeling for reaching responsive audiences.
Wiland is a leading marketing intelligence company serving many of the nation's top companies and organizations. We provide solutions to thousands of clients in a wide variety of markets and industries. Leveraging our vast transactional database, innovative analytical methodologies, and advanced technology, Wiland delivers a comprehensive set of services that drive client success.

The proof is in the numbers. The impact of each of our solutions is measurable, and our constant goal is to improve performance in every market we serve. We are absolutely dedicated to helping our clients achieve top and bottom line growth and improved investment returns. Marketers turn to Wiland to attain:

Increased marketing ROI. Clients use our services to direct their marketing budgets to audiences and channels likely to produce the best immediate and long-term results. The impact is higher marketing ROI, increased margins, and an improved bottom line.

Incremental revenue and profit. Our solutions utilize deep consumer intelligence and proprietary technology, empowering clients to present their marketing messages to the best audiences, at the ideal time, across the optimal channels. We help clients maximize the value of existing customer relationships, while providing highly targeted prospect audiences that produce superior long-term profits.

Measurable results. Whether online or offline, we insist on measurable marketing. We want to know with certainty that what we do for clients is working—and offer solutions for which results can be tracked and precisely measured.

In short, we are the company that helps clients achieve higher revenue, more profit, and a stronger brand.
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