Konica Minolta

Ramsey, NJ | US United States

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Mail Production Equipment and Supplies
  • Printing Equipment and Supplies
  • Inkjet and Laser Printing Equipment


Company Headquarters
100 Williams Drive
Ramsey, NJ 07446
United States
A global leader in content management, technology optimization and cloud services. We improve speed to market, manage technology costs and facilitate information sharing to increase productivity.
Konica Minolta's business spans a wide range of imaging fields from input to output. Today the world of imaging is expanding like never before, brimming with new potential made possible by exciting new digital and networking technologies. Konica Minolta is playing a key role in these developments. Based on our four core technologies (proprietary materials, optical, nano-fabrication and imaging), we are developing a diverse range of cutting-edge products that cover the three main categories in the field of imaging: imaging input, imaging output, and imaging input/output solutions. We're achieving original and innovative imaging solutions by combining of a wide-range of technological elements including electricity, electronics, optics, chemistry, high precision processing, and software.
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