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Postage, Logistics and Distribution
  • National Postal Service


Company Headquarters
Moulay Ismail
10020 Rabat
Real social link, the high capillarity of its network reduces isolation of the most remote regions of Morocco and provides for all citizens to stay in touch with the territory and with the outside.
Through its charter values, Morocco Poste wants to assert its identity and enable employees to promote their sense of belonging. The development of this charter process was marked by a freedom of expression which resulted in shared values and not imposed values. The values of Morocco Post are: Commit and act to satisfy our customers; Rely on our skills and strengthen our internal cohesion to pool energies for the sustainability of our business; Respect the rules of ethics and quality of service which remain essential to build healthy, respectful and transparent relationship with our customers, partners and colleagues; Establish and maintain with our partners mutually beneficial relationship "win-win"; Continue to play our role as a corporate citizen aware of its social responsibility by contributing to social and humanitarian activities and participating in social and economic development of our country.
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