Nepal Post

Kathmandu | NP Nepal

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Postage, Logistics and Distribution
  • National Postal Service


Company Headquarters
Postal Services Department
Kathmandu 44600
As the post has had the crucial role in uniting the family, friendship and diversity of the country together, it was the only reliable and dependable means of communications.
Nepal Post is considered as one of the oldest governmental service organizations in the country, which started postal services formally through the post offices for the first time in 1878 AD when it was established. Postal service is not only an oldest means of communication; it is a basic service easily available to the people including the most backward segment due to its affordability. The tremendous growth of modern communication technologies has started affecting the traditional business of the Post. Now, writing letters and sending through post is decreasing gradually. This caused the reduction in the regular task of postal service. To overcome from this negative effect, Nepal post started to operate other valuable services such as money transfer, Postal saving bank, remittance, tele-center, e-post and alike. Today, Postal Services Department is one of the largest employer organizations in Nepal which works under the Ministry of Information and Communications (MOIC).
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